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Locums Unlocked is the first and only curated community of its kind for locums providers.  It is an anonymous forum that provides real reviews and insights from providers who have experience with the sites, agencies, recruiters, and hospitals at which you are contemplating taking assignments.  Get accurate information on rates and negotiation tactics to be sure you are well advised and paid fairly for your time and expertise.

Locums Unlocked was created by successful Shark Tank guest, CEO of a multimillion dollar brand, and serial entrepreneur Anika S. Goodwin, MD, FACS.  Dr. Anika is a board certified ophthalmologist who specializes in ocular trauma.  She actively provides locums coverage in this area and has traveled across the country providing valuable eye trauma coverage.  Dr. Anika believes that it should be easier to get valuable and accurate in sight on sites, rates, and potential assignments.  So, she created the solution she and many other locums providers needed.  Locums Unlocked is the premier community for locums providers to get the real scoop on all things locums.  We guarantee you will not only find value, but will start to realize higher rates and more successful negotiations, or we will return your money.  No questions asked.

In order to get the inside scoop and make this site as valuable as possible, Dr Goodwin consulted with trusted locums agencies and recruiters to get to the heart of what every locums provider wants to know and should know.  Become a member today and feel confident that you are armed with all the tools and information you need to successfully negotiate and advocate for yourself with each opportunity you are presented.

Have you ever been sent to a locum assignment that was completely different from what you were told by the recruiter or hospital? I can vouch first hand and this is what prompted me to start this site. For physicians and nurses to be able to engage behind the scenes and speak about their personal experiences with their recruiters and time at the hospital. For myself, knowing how busy I would actually be while on assignment, along with the mid-level coverage that is so desperately needed is so important to me and my fellow peers to know before accepting an assignment. We have boots on the ground at these hospitals where the recruiters do not. Knowing this first hand knowledge can help patients get the proper care and Provider safety they need.


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